Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credit points: 180
Field of studies: Psychology
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St, Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The mission of the study program – Psychology  is to follow and to achieve the excellency in psychological research and in graduates’ training, in public and private psychological services of evaluation and diagnostic, in psycho-therapeutic intervention, in scientific investigation and education.

Possible Positions:

  • Psychologist;
  • School psychologist;
  • Teacher in secondary education;
  • Analyst of the labor market;
  • Research assistant in psychology;
  • Researcher in psychology;
  • Councilor for employed and unemployed persons;
  • Councilor career guidance;
  • Expert centers for lifelong training;
  • Expert polygraph;
  • Evaluator of professional skills;
  • Inspector in the field of labor security and safety;
  • Psycho-pedagogic.


  • Operating with fundamental concepts of the field of psychology;
  • Designing and achieving a research action in psychology;
  • Critical evaluation of the problematic situations and of the possible solutions in psychology;
  • Psychological evaluation of the individual, of the group and of the organization;
  • Designing and performing the psychological interventions;
  • Specific relation and interpersonal communication for the field of psychology.