Physical Education and Sport

Studies degree:  Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credit points: 180
Field of studies: Physical Education and Sport
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St, Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The study program has the mission to train experts with higher education in the field of Physical and Sport Education, with scientific knowledge, skills and competences at the level of the European and international performance and in agreement with the requirement on the qualifications market. That is why our actions aim constantly to encourage the active partnership between the faculty and the professional environment in the interest of the local community, for increasing the quality of the delivered educational programs and the development of the international relation. The preponderant mission is didactic – professional, instructive –formative, sports and in the same time of scientific research.

The program aims to train highly qualified human resource in the field of physical education and sport, the graduates having multiple working options such as:

  • teachers of physical education,
  • organizer, animator of the tourist activities and of sport for all
  • experts teaching in the field of sports in special schools,
  • mountain guide
  • lifeguard

The education plan for the study program Physical Education and Sport has been issued according to ARACIS standards and norms stipulated for the field of Physical Education and Sport. The study subjects stipulated in the education plan for the program are in the category of fundamental, specialization and additional subjects, as well as in the category of the mandatory (compulsory), optional (at students’ free choice) and of facultative subjects, according to the teaching staff’s field of competence, whose members teach at the subject of Physical and Sport Education.

General Competencies

  1. Knowledge of the compounds of the instructive-educational process in the physical education.
  2. Acquiring practical-methodical specialization skills and of the capacity to put them into practice.
  3. The capacity to bring changes of the contents in relation with the occurred news in various subjects/ branches/ sports trials and in the border areas.
  4. The capacity to communicate easily with the pupils, to stimulate them for physical education.
  5. The capacity to train the pupils to be able to practice independently the physical exercise to self-organize and self-manage themselves.
  6. The capacity to organize the pupils in relation with the task of the training and to set responsibilities within the group.
  7. The capacity to organize, to coordinate, to guide and to take decisions, depending on the existing situations.

Specialization competencies

  1. The capacity to design and perform at optimum the training- educational activity according to the applicable curricula (programs for the I-IX grades )
  2. The capacity to design and to lead the school sports teams.
  3. The capacity to evaluate objectively, based on well-established criteria of evaluation.
  4. Capacity to organize school camps (mountain, seaside).
  5. The capacity to organize school trips (mountain guide).
  6. The capacity to organize school festivities.
  7. The capacity to organize school sport competitions. The capacity to prevent and save from drowning (lifeguard).