Pedagogy of Primary and Pre-school Education

Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credit points: 180
Field of studies: Sciences of the education
Site: Arad, Satu Mare, Baia Mare
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The mission of the study program – The Pedagogy of the Primary and Pre-school education– is to create experts in the field of the education sciences by developing a functional system of knowledge, skills and competencies which are specific for the field and for the program, and also the development of a behavioral system which allows him/ her to constantly, timely and efficiently adjust to the related changes of the secondary and higher education systems. The undertaken mission of education and scientific research refers to: training experts in the field of education, competitive on national and international labor market; perfecting the teaching –educational process according to the newest and most performing acquisitions of the scientific knowledge in the fields of the specialization and of the education sciences; performing a permanent transfer of specializations knowledge towards the community and the professional environment; extending the fundamental conceptual system from the management and apply it to the schools management in order to achieve a holistic and flexible vision on the institutionalized educational act; professionalizing the school managers able to design, organize, lead and evaluate the school institutions.

Possible Positions

  • Teacher in primary school;
  • Teacher in pre-school education;
  • Councilor in education;
  • Expert in education;
  • School councilor;
  • Specialization referent in education;
  • Mentor


  • Designing some training or educational programs adjusted for various levels of age/ training;
  • Performing specific activities for the teaching-learning process in the pre-school and primary education;
  • Evaluating the learning processes, the results and the progress recorder by preschoolers/young pupils;
  • Counseling, guidance and psycho-pedagogical assistance of various categories of educational groups;
  • Self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the professional practices and of the evolution in career.