Modern Applied Languages

Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credit points: 180
Field of studies: Modern applied languages (English/ French / German)
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St, Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The program of academic studies of Modern Applied Languages (English/ French/ German) provides a wide opening on the labor market: in services of public relations and in international services of the enterprises, banks, and public institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and in European bodies, translators ‘offices, in the fields of tourism, advertisement, communication etc. Following, optionally, the psycho-pedagogic module gives the possibility to choose the teaching career.

One has the possibility of training for the insertion on the labor market, by taking the program of Modern Applied Languages, and by performing professional internships in enterprises and public institutions. The study scholarships and the internships abroad provide with the necessary training for adjustment to the requirement of professional and inter-cultural training in the European area.

The graduates will be qualified for taking some employments such as: Documentarian (243203); Interpreter (244402); Translator (244406); Mediator (244702); Corrector (245103); DTP editor (245121); Research assistant in linguistics (258402), Protocol organizer (241909);  Fairs and exhibits organizer (241911)


  • C1 Effective communication in at least two modern international languages (language B and language C), in a wide framework of professional and cultural contexts, by using registries and languages options which are specific in speaking and writing (Competency level B2/C1 in both languages – see CECRL).
  • C2 Proper implementation of the translation techniques and of written and oral language and cultural mediation from language B or C into A and the opposite in fields of wide interest and half-specialized and proper exercise of all professions of the translation.
  • C3 Proper implementation of the general techniques of documentation, search, classification and storage of the information, use of the IT programs (electronic dictionaries, databases), mastering the basis for DTP publishing and text revision, using the DTP publishing software and the documents archiving techniques when practicing widely the professions of the translation, of the documentation and of the secretariat which require skills of multilingual assistant manager.
  • C4 Organization and management of the professional, scientific and cultural events requiring general and PR skills in the professional and institutional communication in the A, B and C languages (presentation of the company and of its products/ services, protocol, fairs and exhibits).
  • C5 Relation in various institutional contexts (institution, economic enterprise, NGO) and the use of some thematic and general and half-specialized knowledge in the professional fields of application of the studies.