Managerial Communication and Human Resources

Studies degree: Master
Duration: 2 years
ECTS credit points: 120
Field of studies: Sciences of the communication
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St, Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The master study program aims to train the future experts in managerial communication and human resources, being part of the long term development strategy of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, Physical Education and Sport.

There is among the main objectives of this program the development of the skills for investigation and support, of consultancy and counseling, of management and control of the human resources.

Another important point is to create abilities in using modern methods and techniques of research in the field of managerial communication and of human resources. It is also necessary to get the master students familiar with the realities of the internal environment of the organizations (structures, way of functioning and of management, distribution of the tasks and competencies, the policy of human resources etc.), by individual or group research, under teaching staff’s coordination.

The constant concern for ensuring an inter-disciplinary character, oriented towards the professional development and, in the same time, to the establishment of a culture of quality, and the encouragement of the open exchange of ideas and experiences in all teaching and scientific research activities is the essence of the master program.

Possible positions

According to RQF, the possible positions for this specialization are: trainer – 241205; training organizer/consultant– 241217; evaluator of professional competencies – 241219; protocol organizer – 241909; fairs and exhibits organizer – 241911; presenter exhibitions – 241912; assistant director/responsible of position (higher education) – 241924; PR expert – 244701; mediator – 244702; spokesperson – 244706; brand manager – 244707; DTP editor – 245121


  • Ensuring the basis of information according to the requirements for practicing in the best conditions the specialization in managerial communication and human resources;
  • Amplifying the capacity of the master students for comprehension and understanding of the notions taught in classes on new theoretical and applicative openings both in the area of the institutional and organizational communication (orientations, procedures, measures, policies etc. for the efficiency of the sectoral or global managerial activity), deepened by seminar/ laboratory debates, checked by practical works and by individual or team research;
  • Setting some required skills for the mobilization and dynamics of the working teams, for managing the conflicts and crises, for the prediction management of the skills within the organizations;
  • Creating a new mentality related to the importance and to the professional performances, consistent with the openings towards the labor market of the EU member states;
  • After studies completion, the Master graduates promote a new perspective, opened to decision in the organizations  and, in the same time, adopt the most adequate behaviors towards the allowance and efficient use of the human resources;
  • Identification and promotion of alternative solutions for placemen in career on the labor market force.