Educational Management

Studies degree: Master
Duration: 2 years
ECTS credit points: 120
Field of studies: Sciences of the education
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St., Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN

The structure of the education plan ensures the theoretical and practical training of the future experts, according to the current and perspective requirements in the field of education. Besides the assimilation of the knowledge of latest generation and of training the corresponding skills for the specialty subjects, a particular accent is also put on forming the practical abilities for the creative and individualized use of the methods and techniques based on various theoretical orientations, ensured including by performing practical activities to public and private units with profile activity. The graduates of the specialization Educational Management could develop their activity in school units regardless on the training level, professional societies, centers, foundations and associations in each context (educational/ school, organizational/ corporation/ industrial, judicial/ juridical, security and national defense etc.).

The mission of the study program – Educational Management – is the professionalization in the field of the educational management by developing a functional system of knowledge, competencies and abilities specific for the field and for the specialization, as well as the development of a behavioral system allowing for the opportune and efficient adjustment to the changes afferent to the pre-academic and higher education system. Concretely, the undertaken mission of education and scientific research refers to: training experts in the field of education, competitive on the national and international labor markets; perfecting the instruction-educational process in accordance with the newest and most performing acquisitions of the scientific knowledge in the fields of the specialization and of the sciences of the education; achievement of a permanent transfer of specialization knowledge towards the community and the business environment; extending the fundamental conceptual system from the management and applying it to the specificity of the school management in order to achieve a holistic and flexible vision on the institutionalized educational act and the professionalization of the school managers able to design, to organize, to manage and to evaluate the school institutions.

Possible positions

School manager (principal), project manager; psycho-pedagogy expert; research assistant in pedagogy; educational counselor; Educational expert; Educational inspector; specialization referent in education; mentor; school counselor.


  • The management of the school organization and of the pupils’ group/ classroom;
  • The management of the study programs and of the educational projects;
  • Designing, achieving and performing the teaching activity, the curricular documents, the results of the individual and organizational education;
  • Communication, setting relations, and developing social-educational partnerships with the stakeholders from the internal and external environments of the educational organization;
  • Performing some educational research and capitalizing the results in the educational practice;
  • Career management, continuous development of the personal professional competencies and of the institutional performance