Communication and Public Relations

Studies degree: Bachelor
Duration: 3 years
ECTS credit points: 180
Field of studies: Sciences of the Communication
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St., Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN


The Bachelor program Communication and Public Relation at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, Physical Education and Sport has as main goal to train the future experts in the sciences of the communication.

We aim via this specialization to train experts in communications and public relations, able to perceive the complexity of the society we live, found in the era of globalization and internationalization.

The assimilation of the fundamental concepts of the sciences of communication has great relevance with regard to the professionalization of the future experts’ activity in the field and also the thorough comprehension of the scientific principles which it relies on.

Another essential objective of this study program is represented by the connection to the actuality (based on the specific standards) of the fundamental and specialized knowledge, by creating a professional behavior of the future experts in the field of communication and public relations.

Possible Positions

The graduates are to acquire the necessary qualification for positions such as: assistant manager/ position responsible, higher education,- 243217; brand manager – 243207; evaluator of professional skills – 242405; trainer – 242401; mediator – 243202; protocol organizer – 243208; fairs and exhibits organizer – 243210; organizer/ conception expert/ training advisor – 242403; presenter at exhibits – 243211; teacher in secondary education – 233002; spokesperson – 243206; PR expert -243201; DTP editor (higher education) – 264218


  • Identification and use of the language, methodologies and specialized knowledge in the field of the sciences of communication
  • Use of the new information and communication technologies (NITC)
  • Identification and use of the strategies, of the methods and communication techniques in the process of public relations
  • Achieving and promoting a product of public relations
  • Specialized assistance in managing the crisis communication and or in mediating the conflicts of communication
  • Solving realistically – with both theoretical and practical substantiation – some usual professional situations in order to solve the efficiently and deontological
  • Putting into practice the technics for efficient work in a multi-disciplinary team with the achievement of some tasks on hierarchy floors