Clinical psychology and psycho-therapies

Studies degree: Master
Duration: 2 years
ECTS credit points: 120
Field of studies: Psychology
Site: 15 Mihai Eminescu St., Arad, 310086, Romania
Teaching language: ROMANIAN

The mission of the master program Clinical psychology and psycho-therapies – is to aim for and to achieve the excellence in the psychological research, in the professional education, in the lifelong training and in graduates’ training, in the public and private psychological services for assessment and diagnosis, in the psyche-therapeutic intervention, in the scientific services of investigation and in the education. The purposes of the master program aim for: training experts according to the model researcher – practitioner and achieving a permanent transfer of specialty knowledge towards the community and the professional environment. The main objective represents the training of the experts in the field of clinical psychology (in general) able to develop their activity in healthcare units (for instance hospitals, clinics, medical practices), private practices, professional companies, centers, foundations and associations in each context (educational/ school, organizational/ corporation/ industrial, judiciary/ juridical, security and national defense etc.) where the expertise in health and sickness is involved, in units of research guided on the factors and the psychological mechanisms of the sickness and of the health and on the programs, strategies, methods and techniques of psycho-therapeutic intervention, within the educational system for training the future experts or for self-development and long-life training.

Possible positions

  • Autonomous practitioner psychologist in clinical psychology.
  • Practicing psychology under supervision in psychological counseling.
  • Practicing psychologist under supervision in psychotherapy.
  • Teaching staff.
  • Scientific researcher.


Knowledge, understanding and use of the specific language for the field of studies for proper communication: mastering the language of the clinic psychology and of the psycho-therapeutic approaches designed to allow for the written, verbal, internet communication etc., in Romanian, as well as in at least one international language specific for the field of psychology in general, for the clinical psychology in particular.

The capacity to explain and interpret processes, phenomena, states, theories/ ideas and tendencies circumscribed to the field of study:

  1. participation in designing some specific programs for the field;
  2. participation in issuing and coordinating some projects in the field.

The putting into practice and the transfer of the abilities of specialized conceptual-technical abilities and solving issues in new trans-, multi and inter-disciplinary contexts.

The critical reflection and the capacity to evaluate the concrete situations as valuable judging: use of the methods and techniques of evaluation and diagnosis, counseling and psychotherapeutic intervention.