General Objectives: 

  1. Exploring the way in which the practice of experimentation in the Hartlib Circle, from both deontological (through the use of collaborative mechanisms of communication) and methodological (using the experimental set-ups, investigation and experimental techniques, translations from one domain into another) perspectives, and, particularly, experiments with plants related to the type of experimentation practiced in the early stages of the Royal Society and contributed to the emergence of modern science.
  2. Investigating the way in which members of the Hartlib Circle inherited the husbandry traditions and how they integrated them in a technological and operational science, that of experiments with plants.
  3. Exploring the way in which Samuel Hartlib used the Baconian theme of “the advancement of learning” in order to promote collaboration and communication inside his Circle.
  4. Continuing the research activity started in previous projects.
  5. Opening up a novel and interdisciplinary avenue of research that joins, thorough historical research, history of science and intellectual history with political thought and history of philosophy in a cross-disciplinary approach. If successful, my investigation can give hints for further interpretation in more than one field of research (such as history of technology, history of medicine, history of ethics and political thought).

Specific objectives (stages of research)

  1. Identifying the texts– six research stages at the British Library, the Warburg Institute, Académie Françaises.
  2. Participating to at least eight international conferences in order to disseminate the results of my research (four conferences for postdocs and four for docs). e.g. British Society for History of Science Conference, European Society for the History of Science Conference, International Society for Intellectual History Conference, European Society for the History of Science Conference.
  3. Publishing six articles (four BDI/ISI papers- postdocs; two BDI papers – docs).
  4. Editing a collective volume of articles sent for publication to a prestigious foreign publishing house or editing a special thematic issue of a BDI journal.
  5. Organizing a transdisciplinary research seminar together with the project team members on the mentioned topic.